Anti-return union arch for sheep sleeves

Anti-return union arch for sheep sleeves


Union arch with a non-return system so that sheep and goats cannot go back. This anti-return system consists of a piece of sheet metal without edges that creates an obstacle that is very easy to overcome from the front, but difficult to do it from the back, since the legs are tripped on the sheet and it does not continue to go back. This system is totally safe for the animal.

The union arch has three regulations, to give the farmer the opportunity to make the sleeve narrower or wider, according to the needs and the type of cattle that are going to circulate. The type of fixation is through hot-dip galvanized iron rods.

Product Details

Product dimensions
90 x 67 x 15 cm
Unit weight
8 Kg
Metal type
Hot dip galvanized sheet
Outside frame diameter
40 mm


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